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Download our new app "Crypto Coin Prices" and enjoy more features like favourites function, new design...------------------------------Keep track of prices for all cryptocurrencies on the market with just one app! Have you started to realize that cryptocoins are here to stay? Have you invested in another cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin (BTC) and want to keep track of your coin? CoinWatch is the solution.**Notice** Please inform us of any faults before posting negative comments. This is a free app developed for your benefits and we are constantly looking to improve the functionality.Your smartphone can now be your own personal coin ticker, always keep track of market prices no matter where you are. This app is perfect for the day-trader as well as the curious speculators. Now you can also keep track of your favourite coins easily with the new "favourites" function.The prices are shown in USD and the current BTC average price. Exchanges can be down due to DDoS or maintenance, if an exchange is unreachable or the APIs have issues the coin will temporarily not show in the list.Upcoming features:- "Sort by" option- Widgets- Details for each coinPrices are pulled from following exchanges:- BTC-e- Bitfinex- OKCoin- BTC38- BTCChina- Bittrex- Cryptsy- Bitstamp- Coinbase- Bter- Coinedup- KrakenAnd many more...Currently supports over 1000 coins, here are some examples:- BTC Bitcoin- STR Stellar- LTC Litecoin- NXT Nxt- DOGE DogeCoin- PPC Peercoin- DRK Darkcoin- MSC Mastercoin- FTC Feathercoin- BC Blackcoin- XRP Ripple- QRK Quarkcoin- LEAF Leafcoin- IXC IXCoin- NVC Novacoin- WDC WorldCoin- UNO Unobtanium- IFC InfiniteCoin- ZET ZetaCoin- MEC MegaCoin- AUR Auroracoin- NHZ NeXT Horizon- ANC AnonCoin- VTC VertCoin- ISR Isracoin- DGC Digitalcoin- DVC Devcoin- XCR Crypti- MINT Mintcoin- TRC Terracoin- CCN Cannacoin- FRC Freicoin- EAC EarthCoin- DMD Diamond- MOON MoonCoin- CGB CryptogenicBullion- KARM Karma- HBN HoboNickels- NET Netcoin- MZC Mazacoin- NAS NasCoin- NOBL NobleCoin- BQC BBQCoin- ELC ElaCoin- TIPS Fedoracoin- DIME Dimecoin- EXC Extremecoin- YAC Yacoin- PRT Particle- FLAP Flappycoin- SXC Sexcoin- SPA SpainCoin- POP Popular Coin- BTB BitBar- LOT LottoCoin- BTE Bytecoin- ASC AsicCoin- PIG Piggycoin- FRK FrankoCoin- EXE Execoin- MEOW Kittehcoin- QQC QQcoin- RPC RonPaulCoin- KDC KlondikeCoin- ARG Argentum- XJO JouleCoin- CNC CHNCoin- JKC Junkcoin- NYAN Nyancoin- SMC Smartcoin- LKY LuckyCoin- ASR AstroCoin- GME Gamecoins- KGC KrugerCoin- ETOK eToken- RYC RoyalCoin- TEA Teacoin- GRUMP GrumpyCoin- ALF AlphaCoin- NMC Namecoin- AMC AmericanCoin- BTG Bitgem- CMC Cosmoscoin- CRC CraftCoin- CSC CasinoCoin- EMD Emerald- FST FastCoin- GDC GrandCoin- GIL Gilcoin- GLC Globalcoin- GLX Galaxycoin- HYC Hypercoin- LBW Lebowskis- MNC Mincoin- NAN NanoToken- NBL Nibble- NRB NoirBits- PXC PhenixCoin- SBC StableCoin- SPT Spots- XPM PrimeCoin- YBC YBCoin- DBL Doubloons- EZC EZCoin- FLO FlorinCoin- GLD GoldCoin- MEM MemeCoin- MST MasterCoin- XNC XenCoin- ADT Android Token- MCX Maxcoin- CLR CopperLark- COL ColossusCoin- TAG TagCoin- BET BetaCoin- BUK CryptoBuck- CAP BottleCaps- CDC Cloudcoin- CENT Pennies- CPR CopperBars- DEM Deutsche eMarkAnd many more....

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