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The famous technology website androidcommunity reported Coolify: 《Cool down your Android device with Coolify app》 Community:'t envy your friends' iPhone, With Coolify, your Android rooted devices are cooler than iPhone and lasting as the first day you have it!Coolify help you to cool your rooted devices down when you are not using them or your devices are charging in an original and unique way!Coolify will give you the unique experience: 1. Keep your device Normal temperature 2. One-Click Optimization; 3. Coolify is nearly transparent! Set and forget! 4. The simple user interface and without major uncomfortable impact on user experience; 5. Never need to deal with the complexity and risk; 6. Support Immersive mode 7. Temp in status bar by XposedAt last, Coolify do need a background persistent cooling service to cool down when you are not actively using them. It is designed and implemented in extremely light-weight. and nearly zero CPU and battery consumption when this service in Background.Live for cooling down, Just download it!The official website: http://coolify.onexuan.comXDA Post:

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