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What This App Does*Monitor the balances of your public addresses for dozens of different cryptocurrencies!*You don't need to provide any private keys, 100% secure with no chance that you will lose anything!*Gives you up to date estimates on BTC values of your altcoins, as well as the USD total of your addresses!*Great for checking balances of cold storage wallets or gifts that you have given to make sure they are used!*Very simple to use and so much easier than checking dozens of wallets and addresses seperately to get balance information!*Works with any public address for supported coins, even offline addressses! Your wallets don't have to be imported into any third party service!*Use a QR reader to import several addresses at once using*Quickly copy and share your public keys with others!*Will be updated regularly with new coins and providers!*******My Address is showing the wrong balance, why?************ 1) Read only addresses like the ones cryptsy use can't be relied on for balance information. They may not represent how much coins you hold on the exchange.2) Most cryptocurrency wallets and clients actually group several public keys under a single public key within the program. The address shown is the correct amount for that address as it stands on the blockchain, but your wallet program hides these other public addresses from you. One way to synchronize this is to create another wallet, and send all of the funds from 1 wallet to the other, and back if you wish (You will have to pay transaction fees). Read more detail here: Coins Currently Include (Please read below for disclaimer):BTC,LTC,DOGE,ANC,BQC,BTB,BTE,CRC,DBL,DGC,DVC,FRC,FRK,FTC,GLD,IFC,IXC,JKC,MEC,MNC,MOON,NET,NMC,NRB,NVC,PPC,PTS,TRC,WDC,ZET, *NEW* - POT, LOT, KDC, QRK *NEW 2* EAC, LEAF, NYAN, TIPS, MEOW , SMC *NEW 3* - FRY, MINT, VTC, PNDWant your coin added? Give me the website where I can retrieve the block chain data for addresses and I'll see what I can do.What it doesn't do*You can't send currency through this app - This will not be a planned feature either, sorry. I don't want to store any sensitive data like private keys, and I recommend that you use the official wallets for this purpose.*You can't get specific transaction details - Sorry, but many of the sources I get my data from do not provide specific transaction details, they only give me total received and sent for addresses. The app does keep track of balance changes though. It locally timestamps data to when the app retrieves it.This is not the time that the transaction was posted to the blockchain.Please understand that the app gathers data from many different web services. These web services are not always online. So I cannot guarantee that you will always be able to retrieve up to date balance information. This is especially true on less mainstream coins. Any lesser used coin has a chance that the source providing the information for it could go offline, and there would be no alternative locations to get the data. So I can't guarantee that a coin supported today will be supported tomorrow. If a balance is old and a new one couldn't be retrieved, it will display with yellow text. I will update the app regularly with new providers and new coins as they become available.Please note, this is an early version, there may be some bugs but I will fix them as soon as I can, just be sure to submit bug reports.Permissions of the app are only used for retrieving the data and storing it, nothing else.More features planned as well!You can donate to support the project here:BTC=12BnYujVRHDAasbbwzkpLPbmJGPmqUNRFrDOGE=DSv7brW5vVZ5qG8qY7F1mgt5RuRmhNHPwDLTC=LfTSFpUBtsw9bxZBDRBwHXiyb2jB6xiZEC

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