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EveryTask is a to-do list and task manager that will enable you to implement the complete GTD process easily. GTD or "Getting Things Done" is David Allens proven productivity method. EveryTask will enable you to get things done with a true GTD system. EveryTask has a beautiful interface that makes using it a pleasure.The EveryTask Web app adds to your productivity with a fast beautiful UI on the web. The Sync with EveryTask Web is fast and reliable. * Capture Everything * Task details include: Due Date and Time, Start Date and Time, Contexts, Tags, Priority, NotesAdd to current GTD Lists: Inbox, Next Actions, Waiting For Track the things you want to work on later through Scheduled, Planned and Sometime listsKeep track of your long term Outcomes in the Areas, Goals and Visions lists* Get Things Done Now *Sort Lists by Due Date, Context, Priority etcFilter lists by Contexts and Tags etcRepeating tasks. Tasks repeat by minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, days of the week, nth day of the monthAlerts/Reminders Bulk editing of the lists to move tasks, delete tasks, add tasks to Projects * Plan your Projects * Plan your Projects in detail and add all Tasks to the Planned list Drag and Drop to order the tasks. Project view keep track of all your project lists * Additional Features *Beautiful Widgets that are re-sizable, scroll-able and configurable. Quick add from the widget Backup and Restore Dropbox Cloud Backup/Restore* Upgrade to EveryTask Premium *The upgrade will unlock the following features - Backup/Restore to Dropbox - Backup/Restore to Device- Sync with EveryTask Web* EveryTask Sync (Available with the EveryTask Premium Upgrade) * - Add to your productivity with EveryTask Web: www.everytask.io- EveryTask Web is a beautiful and fast web app that complements the android app.- Free your mind with a GTD process that works for you.

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EveryTask | GTD To-do List EveryTask | GTD To-do List
Versión: Requiere Android: (Beta) 2.2 y versiones superiores
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