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Solve Math problems and Plot functions. Math Solver is a full featured scientific calculator and graphing calculator with widest range of functions available. Solves problems in Basic Math, Algebra, Complex Numbers, Trigonometry, Integral and Differential Calculus, Set Theory, Matrix and vector AlgebraSolve equations and system of equationsFind derivatives, definite and indefinite integralSupport for trigonometric inverse-trigonometric and hyperbolic functionsNo network access required! Works offlineIt has a offline Catalog with details of each function with example.Note: Free version contains ads! In-app upgrade to PRO version to make it ad-free.* Enter multiple comma separated functions to plot them.* Press back button to make graph full screen by hiding keyboard* Press on any example in Catalog to copy it to Solver tab* Trigonometric functions default input is in radian i.e to calculate Sin(90Degree) to calculate Sine of 90 degree.Note- 1:- It doesn't solve word problems. Note- 2:- It doesn't show steps to solve a problem. It solve shows final answer.

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