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Sloth Launcher is a sidebar-overlay which allows you to quickly access the right apps at the right time. It is displayed on top of your screen when triggered and works with your existing launcher.Features:• A contextual overlay gives you quick access to your apps for the right situation• NEW: Assign quick-toggles to your szenarios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Silent mode, Flashlight)• Intuitive user interface (Material Design)• Create endless scenarios using 8 different Trigger types• Ad-Free• Theme Editor: customize your Sloth Launcher overlay to match your style (Premium-Feature)• Works with your existing launcherTrigger TypesFree Trigger types:• Headphones: When headphones are plugged in• Wi-Fi: When connected to a specific Wi-Fi networkPremium Trigger types:• Bluetooth: When connected to a specific Bluetooth device• Charging: When the device is charging• GEO Location: When in a certain location• Calling: When calling• Time: On specific time / day• Tasker: When receiving a Tasker System IntentPermissionsSloth Launcher needs the following permissions to operate correctlyView Wi-Fi connectionsUsed by our Wi-Fi Trigger to detect Wi-Fi connection changesview network connectionsRequired for Google Maps in the GEO Location Trigger to determine whether data can be downloadedprecise location (GPS and network-based)Required for our GEO Location Triggeracccess Bluetooth settingsUsed by our Bluetooth trigger to detect when a Bluetooth device has been connected or disconnectedpair with Bluetooth devicesRequired to read the list of paired Bluetooth devices during the configuration of the Bluetooth Triggerconnect and disconnect from Wi-FiAllows us to turn on your Wi-Fi to get the list of known Wi-Fi networks during the configuration of the Wi-Fi Triggerfull network accessRequired for Google Maps to download map tiles from Google Maps serversread phone status and identityUsed by our Calling trigger to detect phone callsrun at startupRequired to start our background service after a device rebootdraw over other appsAllows us to display our overlay on top of other appscontrol vibrationTouch feedbackread, modify or delete the contents of your USB storageRequired for Google Maps to cache map tile dataGoogle Play billing serviceRequired for our in-app Premium upgradeTake pictures and videosRequired for our flashlight quick-toggleModify system settingsRequired for our orientation quick-toggleDirectly call phone numbersStart a call with your contact from our overlay

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Sloth Launcher Sloth Launcher
Versión: Requiere Android:
1.5.2 4.0 y versiones superiores
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